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How to convert SWF to Windows Movie Maker?

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Concept: what is Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a video, audio as well, creating/editing/merging program application included in Microsoft Windows OS.

Please refer to the chart below for the version history and system match of Windows Movie Maker.

Release Date

WMM Version

Operating System


WMM 1.0

Windows Me


WMM 1.1

Windows XP


WMM 2.0

Windows XP


WMM 2.1

Windows XP SP2


WMM 2.5

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005


WMM 2.6

Windows Vista

Note: Windows Movie Maker is no longer integrated in the latest OS Windows 7.

Features: what can Windows Movie Maker do?

Windows Movie Maker is very handy for both amateurs and professionals to edit video or audio.

1. Multiple import ways Windows Movie Maker supports: video and audio formats like .WMV/.ASF, .MPG (MPEG-1), .AVI (DV-AVI), .WMA, .WAV, .MP3, MPEG-2 and DVR-MS; video from an analog source such as a VCR, tape-based analog camcorder or webcam(for example DV tape); video from digital camera and other devices.

2. Timeline-based editing features Windows Movie Maker has: easy clip drag-and-drop to timeline, fast clip duplicate and split, direct clip burning to DVD and audio clip management as well.

3. Effects and transitions Windows Movie Maker offers: there are approximate 49 effects, 63 transitions and other few titles, credits and animations accumulated since version 2.0. Direct3D-based effect and effect-customization is also supported.

Connections: how to edit Flash SWF in Windows Movie Maker?

Why Flash SWF to Windows Movie Maker? Because it is much easier to edit the video converted from SWF file in Windows Movie Maker than to edit the Flash itself in other complicated, code-involved Flash editing tools.
The guide below to edit SWF in Windows Movie Maker is as easy as ABC.

a. Change the format: as mentioned previously, SWF is not the format that Windows Movie Maker supports. Therefore, an SWF to WMV(or SWF to any other WMM-supported format) conversion is a must.

b. Use the right SWF converters: a one-video type SWF to WMV Converter or an all-inclusive SWF to Video Converter Pro will be perfect! The picture below shows the easy and multi-source SWF import progress.
SWF to Windows Movie Maker

c. Implement SWF to WMV conversion: choose WMV as target output format from drop-down list, click big "Convert" button to start.
SWF to Windows Movie Maker

d. Export the WMV converted from Flash SWF to Windows Movie Maker to have fun of editing videos in a nice way, and by yourself!
SWF to Windows Movie Maker

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