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How to save Flash SWF with IE and find it in IE cache

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Flash SWF cache is always being considered a headache because it could be a huge security threat. That’ why we have some early posts that introduce how to delete these Flash caches in different OSs and browsers, here is one of them.

However, every coin has two sides. Flash SWF caches are good and convenient sometimes in another way around. There are several Flash SWF downloaders or we may call it catchers in the market using this cache technology to save, watch, play and download various Flash SWF files from your Internet Explorer.

In an easier way to explain, all the Flash SWF items you have browsed in IE will be saved as cache, and the software/tool which is able to host these cache histories can be granted direct access to use these caches, for example, play them, import them as source files to convert to video, or just download them and save in your own computer.

The software Flash SWF to Video Converter appeared below is a perfect example to show you how to make full use of these Flash SWF caches.

To view and play: click “Browse” button highlighted in red and then choose “from IE Cache”.
Download and Find Flash in IE Cache

To find the target folder: right-click “Target” to view the Flash SWF copy that saved in your computer folder.
Download and Find Flash in IE Cache

To convert it to video, audio or image format: click “Export” tab to convert the selected Flash SWF to regular video format, to AVI video with 32-bit RGBA transparency and Alpha channel, and to image format including the animated GIF.
Download and Find Flash in IE Cache

To conclude, the Flash SWF converter mentioned above not only can play IE Flash caches, but also can convert it to other popular formats that are suitable to play on various devices. What are you going to do with your Flash caches now?

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