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How to Convert SWF Files to ASF Videos

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ASF, short for Advanced Streaming Format, is an audio/digital video format container format created by Microsoft, especially for streaming media. The format does not specify the codec of the video or audio, it just specifies the structure of the video/audio stream. So the ASF container format could technically include any codec. The most common types contained with an ASF file are WMA and WMV.

You may confront such problems when playing Flash SWF files due to the fact that many devices lack Flash support. Therefore, converting SWF files to ASF would be the right choice if you want to view SWF files on these devices.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a professional SWF converter to convert SWF to ASF and many other video formats. It supports the latest Adobe Flash Player so it can guarantee a best-quality output; besides, it can handle multiple SWF files at the same time. The most important, it is very easy to operate, takes little time to convert, and reserves the original animation effects in a perfect way.

Follow the brief guide below to learn how to convert SWF to ASF with Moyea SWF to Video Converter.

Step 1: Import Flash SWF files from multiple channels.
On the main interface, click “Browse..” and you can import SWF files from both local disk and online: From Folder, Grab SWF, From IE cache, From Url, From Projector.
How to Convert SWF Files to ASF Video

Note: The converter is set to Single mode after launched, you can click “Switch to batch mode” on the top left, so that you can add multiple SWF files for converting to ASF at one time.

Step 2: Choose ASF as the output video format.
Click “Export to” to specify an output folder for the converted ASF file. You can also check the “Rip Audio” box so that the audio in the SWF file will be saved as a separate file.
How to Convert SWF Files to ASF Video

Step 3: Click “Settings” to access the advanced ASF output profile which enable you to adjust the specific parameters like codec, sample rate, frame rate, quality, etc.
How to Convert SWF Files to ASF Video

Step 4:After all the settings are done, click the “Convert” tab to start conversion.
How to Convert SWF Files to ASF Video

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