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How to Import Flash SWF File in Online Video Editing Software Kaltura

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Video editing software is needed for both amateur and professional video editors and both users can find their perfect and right one because usually the video editing software has both online and desktop versions.

As a beginner and amateur, the best practice would be using an online video editing software called Kaltura. The first time hear this software? Getting to know it a little bit more via the background info below:

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura in general, is a place where:

You can find free, community supported, online video and rich-media solutions;

You can give back to the developer community by contributing code or technical support;

You can meet other open source video developers and share ideas.
Import Flash SWF Files to Online Video Editing Software Kaltura

What does Kaltura offer?

Widgets and Utilities

Video & Media Import and Upload Widget, Standard/Advanced Video Editor

Integrated Applications

Video & Media Module/Plugin for Various Platforms

Client Libraries

Native Programming Language Code Bundles

Server Side Applications

HD Cloud Plugin - Video Conversion & Encoding on the Cloud, Self Hosted Online Video Platform

Formats and Languages

Various formats and languages that involve with the processing, serving or management of media on the web and beyond.

Themes and Plugins

An addition or enhancement for a specific Project to extend its abilities, features or look and feel.

Translations and Locales

An list of all available translations for the various projects

Why to import Flash SWF in Kaltura?

One of the greatest features of Kaltura is that you can use it online without any complicated installation and you can use it anytime and anywhere as long as the internet connection is available.

How to import Flash SWF in Kaltura?

Let’s take one of the utilities mentioned above - Standard Video Editor – for an example to illustrate. To edit a regular video rather than a Flash SWF file is much easier in Kaltura because the format .swf cannot be supported by most online video editing software.

That’s why we will have a little bit extra work to do before importing: convert the Flash SWF file to the Kaltura-friendly formats.

This conversion can be easily done by a Flash SWF to Video Converter and you are entitled to have a much better quality video output for importing by using its Advanced Output Profile Settings function.
Import Flash SWF Files to Online Video Editing Software Kaltura

When a usable video format comes out, visit Kaltura Standard Video Editor webpage here to know some of the program main features and follow the instruction to start. A simple download may be required here. Import the converted Flash in MP4 format now and enjoy editing!
Import Flash SWF Files to Online Video Editing Software Kaltura

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