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Moyea SWF Kits Support center

Moyea SWF Converter family is a series of flash SWF to Video Converters, with which, you can easily convert all kinds of flash SWF files to videos for sharing on portable devices or websites. Below are the quick links to introduce the solutions of Moyea SWF to video Converter family.

Moyea SWF online support center

MSN: Moyea_olservice@hotmail.com
Email: support@swfkits.com
Mon-Fri, 9AM to 6PM, GMT +8
TEL: +86-755-26738834
  • General Support
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Upgrade Center -- Access the advanced editions available.

Order Help -- General questions about purchase Moyea SWF to Video Converters.

Flash Knowledge Center -- If you wnna get information about flash E-learning, flash SWF conversion and tips Moyea SWF Converters provide, you'd like to visit it.

Forum -- Where you can get the answers to unusual questions and can exchange experiences with other users.

Company Blog-- The news about Moyea SWF to video Converters, flash and other interesting things, you could get here.

If you haven't received the registration information email or have lost the registration code, you can retrieve it by providing either the email address that was used at the time of order or the order ID. After submission, your registration code will soon be sent to you via email.

If you can neither find the email address nor the order ID or fail to register due to hardware upgrades or OS reinstallation, please contact us via support@swfkits.com.

SWREG Order Support Contact: https://www.swreg.org/contact.htm
Check Order Status:
    Order from SWREG: https://cs.mycommerce.com/
    Order from RegNow: https://www.regnow.com/order_lookup.html
    Open the link according to the page you face when ordering. You will be asked for the email address, the last 5 digits of your card number, or the order ID.

FAQs about Purchase - FAQs about products purchase on this site

FAQs about Installation - FAQs about the installation of Moyea SWF Converters

FAQs about Refund - FAQs about Refund

General FAQs
1. What is the difference if I am using the trial version not the retail version?
Trial Version:
When you start to run the program, there will be a dialog box with two buttons: "Register" and "Try". You have to click "Try" every time you launch the program, if you are using the demo version.
There is watermark of our company on the output file.
Cannot register with registration code.
Try timely and high after-sales service via email.

Retail Version:
When you first launch the program, a dialog box with "Register" button only will prompt you to enter registration code. Copy the registration code you get from the email we sent to you and then press the "Register" button to register the program. You won't face the dialog box when you run the program the next time.

No watermark of our company is displayed on the output file.
Get the license to use the retail version.
Get an email with download link of retail version and registration code.
Can register with registration code.
Get timely and high after-sales service via email and phone.

2. Is online order secure?
Yes. With the service provided by SWREG, Moyea software ensures you with a secure payment solution.

3. What is your upgrade policy?
There are two kinds of new versions for the same software, an updated version and an upgraded version. It is free to get an updated version, e.g. from V1.0 to V1.1. To get an upgraded version, e.g. from V1.1 to V2.0, you may have to pay extra money. All rights about the Price of the upgrade are reserved.

4. How long should I wait for the keycode?
Generally, the confirmation email with a link for receipt and a link for key code will be sent to you a few minutes after your order is successfully processed. Please make sure your MTA permits the email from the domains of our company, SWREG or RegNow. Please contact us if you did not receive the email with keycode.

5. I enter the registration code, and was told invalid.
Please make sure the following points:
a. There is no space in the beginning or at the end of the code; otherwise the code is recognized as an invalid code.
b. The current version installed is the retail version.
If the current version is a trial version, please download the retail version from the download link we offered after your purchase. If the current version is the retail version, please inform us with your Order No. and your registered email address for the purchase via support@swfkits.com.

6. How can I retrieve the registration code?
Please inform us of the Order No., and registered email addressed you used for the purchase by sending an email to support@swfkits.com.

For more information about ordering and registration, please visit Order Help.

If you can’t find what you are looking for from above quick links, please contact us via the following ways, we try to help you solve your video dilemma ASAP.

You may also send us your message here, thank you in advance for your patience.

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