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SWF Banner Maker

SWF Easy

Supported OS: 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT
Price: $49.95

SWF Banner Maker Overview

The easiest solution enables you to create flash SWF banners!

SWF Banner Maker is an extremely handy and user-friendly Flash banner maker. This flash banner maker is superior because it comes with a resource library which contains hundreds of elements, and over 60 flash effects.

Moreover, this resource library highlights the searching and combining function that allows you to search and cross-use the existing elements. And, the resource library itself can be ever-extended by the resources extracted from any other SWF files.

3 easy steps, the extraordinary resource library plus the 60 templates cover eight colors and four sizes, all make the SWF banner producing a pleasant experience and just a click away.

  • Features
  • Solution
  • Extraordinary and Ever-extended Resource Library
    It contains hundreds of graphic or image elements, and over 60 flash effects. It can be extended by fresh resources extracted from any SWF file and the saved single resource can be combined to create the numerous new effects.
  • Highlighted Searching Function
    It can never be this easier to search the existing elements by category or keyword.
  • Rich Flash Banner Templates
    Offer over 60 banner templates classified by themes, four sizes and eight colors. Comply with general industry specs.
  • Easy Effect Adjustment
    It supports effect loop and to adjust effect duration by simple drag-and-drop.
  • Advanced Drawing and Editing Tools
    Offer drawing tools such as Line, Pencil, Pen, Oval and Rectangle and editing tools like Transform and Reshape.
  • Easy Embed in Web Page
    HTML code is provided for you to embed the created flash banner anywhere you like in the webpage.
  • Multiple Scenes for Better View
    Both main scene and auxiliary scene are available to view and manage the project in a better way.
  • Apply to High-end Flash Banner Creators
    Action Script 2.0 and Component is accessible to assist advanced flash banner creators to make more customized SWF banner.

SWF Easy, as a handy and powerful flash banner maker, provides the perfect solutions to:

  • Create All Kinds of Flash Banners
    No matter you are going to create technology flash banner or business flash banner, this SWF banner maker will definitely be a great help with rich templates, the built-in flash effects and easy&fast procedures.
  • Create All Kinds of Flash Text
    This SWF banner maker can create impressive flash text with numerous special effects like sparkle, shadow, mix round, jump for joy, stretch, wave etc.
  • Create All kinds of Flash Navigation Buttons
    This SWF banner maker provides the components like buttons, lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, scrollbars and text scrollbars with different colors and styles for your option.
  • Create All kinds of Flash Album
    This SWF banner maker initially provides "Flip" and "Normal" style to start the flash album creation. And there is advanced settings for each style to get the better effect.
  • Create All kinds of Flash Animations
    This SWF banner maker enables you to create all kinds of flash animation like flash banner, flash text, flash navigation button, flash album and flash e-card and so on with rich flash effects, templates, and easy steps.
  • Create All kinds of Flash E-Card
    This SWF banner maker makes it a pleasure and enjoyment to hand-made flash e-card for your friends and family members with sweet greetings in special festivals and occasions.

Price: $49.95

SWF Banner Maker
The easiest solution enables you to create flash SWF banners!

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