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SWF to PSP Video Converter- Powerful Flash on PSP Player Solution!
PPrice: $49.95

Key features of Moyea SWF to PSP Converter

SWF to PSP Video Converter- Powerful Flash on PSP Player Solution!

Moyea SWF to PSP Converter is a handy tool easy-to-use assistant to PSP users. This PSP Converter is developed to convert Flash SWF to MP4 video for playback on Sony PSP. Rip SWF to MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV audio files and support batch mode conversion. The manual mode allows capturing interactive Flash for conversion. The Converter is a professional tool for converting SWF to video for home use as well as sharing with excellent picture quality and sound quality.

With user-friendly and graphical interface, Moyea SWF to PSP Converter offers simple and swift solutions to head-ache problems in converting SWF files to MPG movies, such as audio distortion, loss of frames, audio and video asynchronization, meanwhile, this program could process the embedded or linked FLV in SWF files. Besides SWF to MP4 conversion, Moyea SWF to PSP Converter could enable users to extract audio from the SWF files to generate MP3, WAV, M4A and AAC audio files.

1. Synchronization of video and audio

Moyea SWF to PSP Converter does not play a Flash file twice, does not get the audio by recording it, and does not capture the video by playing the Flash file in a normal speed. We adopt the technology of Lower-Playback-Speed while converting, and both extract the audio and covert the video just by playing the Flash file once. Therefore, with our program, the synchronization issue does not exist at all regardless of your computer system configuration.

2. Smooth sound with high quality
Moyea SWF to PSP Converter gets the audio not by recording it but by extracting the audio from a Flash file. Extracting the audio data can ideally retain the original audio effects in the generated video files. Besides, Moyea SWF to PSP Converter can extract or rip the audio data from the source Flash files and generate independent audio only files for PSP, iPod, etc.

3. Smooth playback of video and animations, and perfectly process interactive Flash file
By using the method of Lower-Playback-Speed while converting and adjusting the speed according to different computers, our program does not lose any frame, does not change the duration of any frame and can perfectly process most complicated Flash files. By doing so, Moyea SWF to PSP Converter properly realizes the WYSIWYG principle in the Flash to video conversion.

4. Accurately keep the original playback speed
With the technology of Lower-Playback-Speed, there is no need to add or cut off frames and the original frame duration can be kept perfectly. Thus you are enabled to retain the original effects of the Flash in the generated video and enjoy them on your portable devices.

5. Successfully process embedded Flash videos or linked Flash videos
Moyea Flash to Video Converter Standard completely complies with the rule of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Therefore, any file that can be played by Flash player can be correctly converted by Moyea Flash to Video Converter. One thing needed to mention is that FLV files using FCS/FMS (Macromedia Flash Communication Server, Macromedia Flash Media Server) include Nellymoser audio, a type of audio whose encoding method is not known by the world, and it cannot be decoded by any third-party program. But it can still be processed by our program without any problem. This offers solutions for users that use FCS/FMS.

6. Audio recording and ripping function
This program makes it possible for you to rip audio data of SWF file to another independent file while converting SWF to a video format. The supported audio format includes MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, WAV, etc. Besides recording and ripping, you can, too, convert SWF file to a single audio file.

7. Support batch mode conversion
Click on the Batch mode button, you will shift the program from single mode conversion to batch mode conversion. With batch mode, you can import multiple SWF files into program at once. All the settings for batch mode will be configured to all imported SWF files and are carried out in automatic way, that is, users could not interactive as freely as that in single mode. Batch mode conversion is not recommended to professional or advanced users, however.

Price: $49.95

Moyea SWF to PSP Converter
SWF to PSP Video Converter- Powerful Flash on PSP Player Solution!

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